Your own high-quality flat at a special price.
Who wouldn't want one?

Perhaps you already know how it is. You want to buy a flat and have already had fun studying the property ads or Internet offerings. Some properties you find interesting. The location is right, you would love to live in the neighbourhood of your choice, the size is right - but the price isn’t. Or just as bad: the ad is attractive and so is the price, but the flat turns out to be in a hopeless condition. In both cases the feeling is one of immense disappointment. offers only a few flats, but they are mostly from their own portfolio. Location, quality of fittings and price are well-matched.

Owning your own home is not only a tremendous investment for the future, it is also the start of a totally new, individual feeling for life. Freehold flats in large cities like Berlin are often offered for sale at their market value rather than their real value. So residential property at good locations always comes at a price.

Every flat offered in's portfolio is commission-free.

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