I'd love that!

"My own home? Yes, please!. If possible, in a green setting, urban but quiet, with transport links and with charm. I love these buildings of the last century which are packed with tradition and craftsmanship. To me they radiate security and solidity. Inside them your own four walls. That would be great.

A balcony would be dreamy, 2 – 3 rooms, light and friendly, a kitchen and a bad. It would also have to have a cellar (there are some things I just could not do without.

Lastly, the flat should be within my means. I simply have to be able to afford it."

Awakening ...

Schoenerwohnen-Berlin.de buys neglected flats, then redesigns and restores them with the help of a competent team of specialist contractors. Only when they meet Schoenerwohnen-Berlin.de's stringent standards do these flats appear on this Website. But see for yourself. We want to let you into our little secret for purchasing your own flat - of the right quality and at a special price.

Guest-WC before (left) and
Guest-WC after (right)

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