• Purchase of neglected (that is, in need of restoration and renovation) flats, preferably in the south-western districts of Berlin.

  • Restoration and renovation on ecological and designer principles, using the best materials.

  • Sale of completely restored freehold flats at good locations at affordable prices.

The team

headed by Frank Thienel is obsessed with detail and mad about aesthetics. A feeling for form, colour and design as well as first-class materials is our creed. Why, we wonder, should these quality features be reserved only to large residential units? Why are there, for example, so few small units, say, 3-room flats with about 80 – 100 sq. m. of space, which are also offered with better than “standard”?

We are pleased when our customers fall in love with one of the newly revitalised flats. The reason is often because we give our flats a new identity. Not just small but fine but also small and smart.

Renovation plus design is our creed

We carefully seek out the “forgotten” and “neglected” amongst flats. The supposedly “unsellable”, which are at the right location but are in a poor condition. We kiss these sleeping princesses back to life, modernise them, give them a new dress and make them into desirable residences.

Only when the flats (preferably smaller units with up to 100 sq. m. of living/useful space) meet’s stringent quality standards (that is, are fine and elegant, but still affordable) do we offer them to prospective customers.